Export Packing Service

The power to plan packing technologies, plus our total group power:
That's why our packing solutions surpass expectations.

Our all inclusive packing service for export goods by sea and air, start with consolution and design of standardised product packages.

Today, when solutions that deliver more efficiency at less cost are in demand, the ability to plan packing is more important than ever. To ensure customer satisfaction, every aspect is carefully taken into account, from mode of transportation to package volume.

Experts in Each Field will Provide Optimum Packaging Solutions
Since its establishment nearly half a century ago, Nittsu Shoji has made constant advancements in packaging technology. Our experts with expertise in each field will offer optimum packaging solutions that increase transportation efficiency and reduce costs. We are environmentally conscious.

 Mass Product

KD Parts
  • In knockdown packing, when all of the major components are shipped from Thailand for final assembly overseas, the key is to how to pack compactly and economically.
Count & Inner packing Put cartons into steel case Finished steel case
In Thailand, the company is entrusted by major manufacturers of automobiles and parts as well as numerous computer component and electronics parts producers.
Service Parts
Logistics system development of service parts: placing/receiving orders; inventory management; distribution processing; import/export packing management.
(Laem Chabang Branch)
For optimum convenience, the company provides on site packing services that save customers time and cut their transportation costs.


Our planning for packing plants, construction materials for overseas projects, and machinery exports is based on how each item will be used at destination. That information guides us in packing them in the optimal units to reduce physical distribution costs.

  • Packing of equipment and machinery: plants, precision machines, die assemblies, etc.
The latest Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) technologies, coupled with 60 years' experience in the business, has earned Nittsu Shoji a prominent position in corporate Japan.
Heat Treatment for ISPM No.15
In recent years, in however in response to the growing international trend to require that wood be treated against insect infestation, we have introduced heat-treating kilns for wooden pallets and other packing materials.

We are an official ISPM 15 certified body No. TH-0526 authorized by the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand.

The standard of our Heat Treatment Service sets by IPPC.NO.15 (International Standard on Phytosanitary Measures No.15)
  Prepare timbers 4800x70x70 mm x 165 pcs.into oven room Prepare timbers 4800x50x50 mm x 202 pcs.into oven room
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