General Merchandise

Supporting Logistics with Diverse Products, Services, and Outstanding Development Capabilities
Our Packing Materials Division focuses its industry-leading development power on the development of original packing materials to cater to individual corporate needs.
General Merchandise Division
Industry-leading Packing techniques

Our Packing Materials Division handles the entire process of developing, designing, all types of packing materials. Products include special purpose cases designed specifically to transport products of each company and reusable materials making effective use of resources. We have outstanding technical strength particularly in the packing of special-shaped products. Our services are offered nationwide with an established instant delivery system while constantly achieving quality improvement and manufacturing cost reduction.

Corrugated board factory with state-of-the-art facilities in Japan

High quality corrugated board cases

Major Products
Various corrugated board cases, packing materials, containers, Nittsu-standard cartons, single-wall corrugated boards, home-delivery packages (boxes, bags, labels, covers), packing materials for moving, relocation, overseas relocation, art objects, and air cargo.
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