Bringing Needs into Shape Through Sound Technology and Out-of-the-Box Ideas.
Our Manufacturing Division designs and manufactures vehicle accessories, trailers and containers in Japan.

Manufacturing Division
Offer a range of products for the creation of “new logistics”

From the design and manufacture of trailers and containers to the design and development of vehicle accessories and original items, we offer a variety of products to meet all kinds of purposes and needs. With out-of-the-box, innovative ideas and technology, our approach to manufacture and to optimize transportation, has established a high level reputation from both domestic and foreign clients.

6-axle self-steer extendible semi-trailer
Semi-trailer with allowable gross weight of 60 tons. The pallet is stretchable (3.5 meters) to carry long cargo up to 55 tons. The steering mechanism enhances ability to turn and operate

31-foot full-wing container, contributing to CO2 reduction

20 feet ISO Hard Open Top Container
Container with a ceiling panel that opens. Loading and unloading is done by crane. Useful for large piece cargo that needs to be loaded from the top of the container.

Major Products and Services
 Own Brand Products  
Vehicle Production & Accessories Trailers, heavy load trailers, pole trailers, wing trailers, double stack and other container cars, various truck accessories for vans and wing vans, custom-designed special-purpose vehicles, accessories equipment
Container Production Containers for railroad, ocean/railroad freights, warehouse, domestic shipment, ISO international ocean shipment waste disposal, and purpose-specific containers
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