Logistic Innovations with Visions for Next-Generation Logistics and Commercial Distribution
Backed by our extensive experience and achievements in the field of logistics, we provide total logistics support from procurement to disassembly, packing, shipping, transporting, warehousing, and delivery. We can transport any item, anywhere in the world and offer you solutions to logistic issues.
Third Party Logistics (3PL) is a cutting-edge service to integrate your commercial distribution and logistic services.
With the powerful global network established by the Nippon Express group and the experience and expertise accumulated over half a century, we provide you with 3PL (Third Party Logistics) that is designed to synchronize and comply with your production and supply chain. The service we offer is a hybrid integration of commercial distribution and logistics services, including commercial distribution, from placing orders for merchandise to procurement, inventory management, sales activities and logistics such as packaging, disassembly, warehousing, and transportation to assist you in building a complete supply chain. To sharpen your competitive edge, we also focus on the implementation of advanced recognition IC tags, development of resource-saving packages to reduce environmental impacts, and automation of packing services. Our solutions will save your logistics costs to streamline your business.

Services Offered
Regarding export business occurs the following process,procurement,trading and financial business that business generally need management shipper's self. Nittsu shoji and the Nittsu group perform such business on behalf of the client.We provide commercial and physical distribution more good service.

Procurement Support Services
Commercial Distribution
  • Commercial distribution + VMI + JIT development support
  • Import & export agency services
  • Full distribution and logistics outsourcing services

  • 3PL (3rd Party Logistic)
  • VMI (Vender Managed Inventory)
  • JIT (Just in Time [Supply])
  • Logistics system development: placing/receiving orders; inventory management; distribution processing; import/export management; transportation management
  • Relocation of equipment and machinery: Full relocation service from disassembly, packing, transporting, and installation
  • Import & export agency services

Benefit to Client
  1. Reduced operations workload
  2. Improved flexibility in supply
  3. Cash flow benefits:
    • Move from fixed to variable operation costs to improve flexibility
    • Inventory reduction on accounting books= Improve cash flow
Advantage of working with Nittsu Shoji Thailand
  1. Provides practical business services with specialized knowledge and experience
  2. Ability to accommodate client’s needs
  3. Correspond globally and locally working with the Nippon Express group’s worldwide network
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